A 2nd 'Narrativity-Reflexivity' Session

As mentioned eearlier in this discussion area of the Doctoral Community blog, the first ‘Narrativity-Reflexivity’ gathering back in October seemed to have been enjoyable and of value. Therefore, we have raised the possibility of a follow-up 2nd session involving as many of our travelling, part-time and fll-time members of our community as possible. The most promising dates seem to be in the 2nd half of February 2011. All thought about the best dates for this can be added here as comment to my posting ….

The basic idea for this 2nd session is for each of us to bring – or circulate in advance? – a SHORT extract (eg a page, max two) from one of our (draft or otherwise) research texts. In the sesion itself, we would then collectively engage with these extracts. The extracts should connect with the issue of how each of us tells the story of our research, i.e. to connect with the narrativity and reflexivity dimensions of our research thinking.

The objective would be to explore how and why each of us writes in this zone in the way that we (are beginning to) do.

If the idea meets with your approval and we can find a date, I can put a bit more flesh on this initial bone of an idea ….