{call for chapters} Principles of TESOL: Culture, Language, and Theory

Principles of TESOL: Culture, Language, and Theory
Proposals for contributions due March 12, 2021
This book focuses on preparing teacher candidates to teach culturally and linguistically diverse student populations in K-12 schools. This multi-authored volume edited by Lena Shaqareq and Tia Kimball, focuses on creating a comprehensive text to increase teacher candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the effects of culture, language, policies, educational practices, and language acquisition theories on ELL learning. Please submit a 1-page abstract with a working title in Microsoft Word to lenashaq@gmail.com or tia.kimball@unf.edu by March 12, 2021 for consideration in the book. Proposals may be theoretical and research-based as well as include empirical research. All submissions must include contact details for the author(s).
Choose the following section(s) of the book to which you feel you could contribute. If you choose multiple sections, specify the rank-ordering of your preference in the sections:
  1. Who are our ELLs?
    1. Immigrant populations: former refugees, asylees, undocumented ELLs, native born ELLs
    2. Push and pull factors
    3. Bilingualism and multilingualism
  2. SLiFE
    1. Diversity in ELLs DACA, former refugees, asylees, etc
    2. How they are different from other ELLs
    3. Strategies for teaching them
  3. CLiDES – Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Students
    1. Who they are
    2. How to identify them
    3. Strategies for teaching them
  4. Second language literacy development
    1. Similarities and differences in L1 and L2 literacy development
    2. how L1 literacy influences L2 literacy development
    3. how principles of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and discourse affect L2 reading and writing development
Chapters must be completed by April 30, 2021 so editors can finalize the book for Fall, 2021.
Tentative Timeline for Completion
Proposal Friday, March 12
Confirmation to proposals Friday, March 19
Final Draft Friday, April 30
Review of drafts Friday, May 14
Final Edits Friday, May 28