{useful book} 4th Edition Intercultural Communication An advanced resource book for students



Adrian Holliday is a professor of applied linguistics at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

Martin Hyde is an international education consultant.

John Kullman is a sessional lecturer in applied linguistics at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

Book Description

Intercultural Communication provides a critical introduction to the dynamic arena of communication across different cultural and social strata. Throughout this book, topics are revisited, extended, interwoven, and deconstructed, with the reader’s understanding strengthened by tasks and follow-up questions.

The fourth edition of this popular textbook has been updated to feature:

■ new readings by Kwame Antony Appiah, Yoshitaka Miike, Edward Ademolu and Siobhan Warrington, Helena Liu, and Michael Zirulnik and Mark Orbe, which reflect the most recent developments in the field;

■ refreshed and expanded examples and tasks including new material on an Asiacentric approach to intercultural communication, selfies as a global discourse, the impact on intercultural communication of English as a lingua franca in multinational organisations, and representations of Africa in charity media campaigns;

■ extended discussions of topics including intercultural training, voluntourism, challenging essentialism in business contexts, and intersectional approaches to identity;

■ revised further reading suggestions.

Written by experienced teachers and researchers in the field, this fourth edition of Intercultural Communication is an essential textbook for advanced students studying this topic.