{online summer school} Language, Education & Linguistic Citizenship

Hub for Education and Language Diversity 

 Language, Education & Linguistic Citizenship 
Three-day online Summer School
Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 July 2021 (10.00-15.00) 
  • How can educators gain a better understanding of multilingual students’ use of language?
  • How can they acknowledge and foster their students’ linguistic repertoires and their right to be heard?
  • What is the relationship between language education and linguistic citizenship?

    These and other questions will be explored in this participatory short course which will involve workshops, case studies, data sessions, readings and talks. You will join participants from a range of educational settings and sectors (FE, HE, schools and Third Sector organisations; ESOL, EAL, community language learning, supplementary schools and modern foreign languages).

    Day 1: An introduction to the summer school, to the participants and to the overarching theme; analysis of linguistic data: how can sociolinguistic research and analysis help us better understand language use and language learning?

    Day 2: Working with students: a close look at several projects involving language learning in multilingual settings. In what ways do these projects assist students in the development of their linguistic citizenship?

    Day 3: Constraints and planning for action: the restrictions facing us inside and outside our institutions; taking action around language-based issues.

    The summer school is organised by HELD, a team of academics and third sector language professionals, activists & policy specialists: Melanie Cooke (convenor), Dermot Bryers, Sam Holmes, Constant Leung, Ben Rampton, Anthony Tomei, and Becky Winstanley. It builds on the Sociolinguistics for Education seminar series we have been running since the start of 2019.

    The deadline for applications is 1st June 2021. Please note that we can’t guarantee your enrolment, as spaces at the summer school are limited to 30. We will give priority to people whose work seems to fit with our aims and who we think will most benefit from the summer school. There is a participation fee of £50 (£30 for full time students), payable when your place has been confirmed. 

    To apply please complete an application form and send to Melanie Cooke on melanie.cooke@kcl.ac.uk

    Ground-level analysis and action, enhancing linguistic repertoires 

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    Multilingual classrooms: Challenges & opportunities


    Ideologies & beliefs about language and language education


    Launch event for Brokering Britain, Educating Citizens


    Sociolinguistics, participatory pedagogy and language education


    Linking universities and 3rd sector (& other) organisations in language education




















    Admission and selection criteria

    Please note that we can’t guarantee your enrolment, as spaces at the summer school are limited.  We will give priority to people whose work seems to fit with our aims and who we think will most benefit from the summer school.


    Fee: £50 (or £30 for full time students). Information on how to pay this will be provided if your application is successful.


    Send your application to: Melanie Cooke melanie.cooke@kcl.ac.uk www.kcl.ac.uk/held