• Richard Fay

    It will be largely in house – presenters, tutors (me, Julian, Juup, Diane, Zeynep maybe, Susan maybe) – and new PhDs, (i.e. Miriam) and maybe a couple of others (Eljee will soon know), so small, intimate, in-house …

  • Achilleas Kostoulas

    Do we happen to have any estimate on the number of people attending (not necessarily presenting)?

  • Magdalena De Stefani

    🙂 That was the idea originally but after the meeting with Peter and Mariam we decided it would be too complicated. I mean, for me to actually see the slides everybody would have to do their presentation via Adobe Connect or some such. It’s just too complicated… Don’t you think? Unless there’s another way of doing it we haven’t thought of, but it’s probably not worth the hassle if I’m going to be the only one away…

  • Richard Fay

    Made, will you just be dropping in for your talk? We are not making the others available to you are we? i.e. you are not getting up at 6am to join us?

  • Magdalena De Stefani

    Mariam, Peter and I had a trial run the other day using Adobe Connect and we decided to have my paper recorded beforehand and then run the Q&A session via Skype. Adobe Connect works well enough for a recorded presentation but not for a live session – huge delays…

  • Richard Fay

    So, the event fast approaches. It’s timely to decide a runing order? Let’s start by adding Made’s paper (since this is the one with technology and time-zone considerations). Made prefers the Paper 6 slot.

    First Session: 9.30 – 11.00
    Paper 1 (9.30-9.50 + Qs)
    Paper 2 (10.00 – 10.20 + Qs)
    Paper 3 (10.30 – 10.50 + Qs)
    —— coffee

    Second Session: 11.30 – 12.30
    Paper 4 (11.30-11.50 + Qs)
    Paper 5 (12.00-12.20 + Qs)
    —— Lunch

    Third Session: 14.00-15.00
    Paper 6 (14.00-14.20+ Qs) — Magdalena De Stefani
    Paper 7 (14.30-14.50 + Qs) — Tanya Halldorsdottir
    —– tea

    Final Session: 15.15 – 16.30
    Paper 8 (15.15-15.35 + Qs)
    Paper 9 (15.45-16.05 + Qs)
    Round Up

  • Richard Fay

    Thanks Made. We can, I’m sure work around this 🙂

  • Magdalena De Stefani

    Hi! I’m finding out how to record my presentation so we have a pre-recorded version just in case. As for time slots, any time between 1.30 and 3 UK time would be ideal for me (I have to leave at 3.30). But I could manage to arrange as from 12.30 if necessary.

  • Depends on Made and whether the equipment will be available. I figure we prepare for a live feed but have a recording as a back up just in case.

  • Richard Fay

    So, we need to finalise the room and then the equipment. I wonder what time-slot would be best for Made’s paper?

  • Mariam Attia

    The poster appears great on my screen. Many thanks Eljee 🙂 If you have not done so already, maybe we need to confirm with Peter Leigh as to the equipment needed on the day, especially if we plan to use video conferencing facilities.

  • Magda Rostron

    Great job, Eljee!


  • Let me try loading as a jpeg instead of a weblink!

  • Richard Fay

    🙁 I can’t seem to get the picture tp appear … is it problem with my browser or what I wonder …. anyone else having problems?