ENIEDA conference (Serbia)

I have just added (to the ‘Archived LTE papers’ thread) the ppt for the paper given by Leah and myself at this event in Vrsac in Serbia. The European Network for Intercultural Education and Activities (ENIEDA) is a new-ish grouping with very strong roots in the Balkans led by the dynamic Professor Cornelia Ilie (formerly of Romania and long-time based in Sweden. She gave one of the Plenaries, Srikant Sarangi gave another, and the third was by Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons from the Council of Europe (on the CoE’s landscape convention). Leah and I gave another outing to our Identity-Play in the stories (re Ladino) of middled-aged and elderly Sephardic Jewws in Bulgaria but this time bringoing more to th fore the Balkan identity aspects and also the potential educational implications of the research. We also met up with Mira Bekar from Skopje, a Research Associate in this Doctoral Community. Anything you want to add Leah?

One comment

  • Vrsac is a ‘smallish’ town in the Banat region of Serbia. The border with Romania is just a dozen kilometres away and the border with Bulgaria is not so far away either. ENIEDA could not have chosen a better location for its 4th conference – “Negotiating and constructing European identities across languages and cultures”. Evidence of the ‘across’ was everywhere – the endless variety of languages I heard in the conference rooms and in the streets of Vrsac, the mixed architectire of the houses and churches, the different professional voices and conference themes, the diversity of expectations and behaviours. In that sense, our Identity-Play presentation matched the spirit of both place and occasion, and that always makes for a good experience.