Book proposal accepted!

About a year ago I submitted a chapter proposal, based on my MA dissertation, for a book idea by Damian Rivers and Stephanie Houghton. After various wranglings with publishers and reworkings on the part of the contributors, their proposal has been accepted by Continuum and will hopefully go to press at the end of 2012. The full reference will be

Rivers, D.J. and Houghton, S.A. (Eds.) (forthcoming). Social Identities and Multiple Selves in Foreign Language Education. London: Continuum.

Although there have been repeated calls for a reconsideration of the foreign language learner as a real person and the hub of an intricate social network, rather than a theoretical abstraction, such research remains scarce in foreign language education. The identity of the individual is a complex, dynamic, multiple and systemic construct, that allows one to act within and upon immediate settings. Therefore, underpinned by the viewpoint that foreign
language learning environments are ideal locations for the development of a sophisticated repertoire of discursive strategies for navigating identity in relation to cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity, this volume explores notions of social identities and multiple selves in foreign language education.

and my chapter title:

The social and pragmatic parameters of L2 motivation: Investigating the motivation of three ESL learners

So far, then, hooray!