Rookie review

Young reviewers are certainly sought after. “The best referees are postdocs,” says Leslie Sage, a senior physical-sciences editor at Nature in Washington DC. “They are at the top of their game, well versed in the literature and politically naive enough to tell the truth.”

For this and more interesting insights into the peer-review process, you may want to have a look into this article in Nature.

One comment

  • Thanks for this! It’s a good blog and give some great insights on the peer review process. From my very, very limited experience I had my first solo peer review experience with a postgraduate journal from the good folks at the University of Glasgow who publish eSharp.


    They offer a very, very wide range of subjects and it’s worth submitting an application just in case something may come up. The one paper I received wasn’t particularly in English language teaching but was more focused on race, language and identity. I have enough of a background in the content area to offer some detailed feedback on it’s theoretical framework and had a combination of marking PG assignments/proofreading jobs/teaching EAP,IELTS to offer critical feedback on the actual structure. I did take longer than I had intended because I wanted to be through but it was a fantastic experience. Recommended if you got the time!