Lancaster SLLAT talk

Some time ago, when looking to get in touch with other motivation researchers, I contacted Judit Kormos at Lancaster University. She was very friendly and supportive of my work, and invited me to talk at one of their fortnightly Second Language Learning and Teaching (SLLAT) research group meetings. So, I go on Wednesday 7th March (see for abstract). I’m particularly looking forward to this as an opportunity to present my work to a new audience in an informal atmosphere. Furthermore, one of my participants will also be there and has agreed to ‘reveal’ herself as the participant in the story I’ll be presenting, which I hope will stimulate some discussion around the issues of representation and co-construction I’ll be raising in the talk.  Fingers crossed!

One comment

  • Richard Fay

    Looking forward to your feedback on this experience. Paul Smith had a great time up at Lancaster on a similar kind of visit last semester.