David Nunan Travel Award 2013 Winner

I can’t believe it but I actually won this award!  WAA!  It’s for $800 USD to cover conference related costs.  Considering I’m heading overseas next year for TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo 2013 every bit of funding helps.

I was looking for any kind of external conference funding to help me get to TESOL 2013 and, upon a Google search (no really!) I came across the David Nunan Travel Award call for applications .  Now when I first read the webpage it was actually out of date, having 2011 stamped all over the place, and thought, “Doh. It’s not available anymore!”  BUT then I read a little more carefully and found the call for applications nestled in among the outdated (yet relevant) info.  So it pays to read through a whole post and it also pays to do a Google search for funding opportunities.  I would have never come across this  award otherwise. Special thanks to Richard for the amazing support, guidance and reference letter that helped me win!