A Reflection on my Research Training and Assignment Writing

Ups! It has been three days after the assignments submission….Time really flies…but I still can feel and taste the hustle bustle of the process….:D

On her reflection, Khwan mentioned that she has learned more during the “doing-her-own-job” session. It was similar to me. I learned a lot during the sessions of my research training but it was when I had to put all those into practice that the more challenging yet rewarding learning process occurred. To me, each assignment is unique and has given me different experiences to reflect.

My Critical Reading and Writing Assignment


As I chose a broad topic for my CR&W, which include four Bilingual Education concepts plus BE in my context, the first challenge was how to cover all those four plus one in 3000 words and to be critical at the same time. On the first go, I ended up writing 4800 or more words which means that I had to chop off 1,800 words or more. Phew! What a challenge.

Contribution to my development

After finishing my assignment, I realize that I have a better understanding on my topic of interest that is Bilingual Education especially concerning my context. If three months ago somebody asked me about BE practice in my country or elsewhere in the world, I wouldn’t be able to answer with confidence. But now, I believe that I could provide a more detailed answer.  😀

Qualitative Data Generation


There were two biggest challenges in preparing my Qualitative assignment i.e.: technology and encouraging participants. Conducting online research is apparently really challenging. 😀

Contribution to my development

I used both synchronous and asynchronous mode of online qualitative research during the process.  Thus I have learned about the strengths and weaknesses of both modes. Therefore, I would be more confident to apply those modes in my future research.

Quantitative Data Generation


– Encouraging the potential participants to respond my online questionnaire

– Conducting quantitative content analysis

Contribution to my development

–        Now I know how to design online questionnaire and know more alternative software for this method.

–          Now I know both quantitative and qualitative content analysis (as I conducted my quantitative content analysis I also came across with some qualitative models of content analysis which I also learned along the way)

Planning of Research


-formulating the right RQs that would pass the “porridge test” and to match them to my research aim and design.


My creativity and “attention to detail” skill were really challenged while writing this particular assignment, and I believe that these have developed over the period of time.

Reading my reflection on my experiences reminds me of Richard’s 4 Cs: Curiousity; Creativity; Confidence; Competence which he says are the major aims of the research training.

I believe that I had been very curious about particular concepts or methods to apply in my research. That curiousity had led me to be more creative in designing, modifying, and applying those concepts and methods. Creativity also played its role when my research met a kul-de-sac  that I had to find another way to go through. After conducting and reporting the research, I believe that I am now more competent as a researcher than I was three months ago. In addition, after all those attempts, I believe that I have attained more knowledge about my research area and the possible methods to use. That is why, I am now more confident about my research skill and competence.

For these, I would like to dedicate my deepest gratitude to my supervisors who have given me very insightful and valuable suggestions and guidance, even during the festive break. I would also like to thank my friends for the very nice companion (even when we were physically separated but were always connected…thanks to Facebook :D…), encouragement, and also great help, like when I had problem with the submission link or when I sent the wrong Ethics form for my quantitative :D. Thanks God all had been resolved :D.

Like Khwan, I am also satisfied with most parts of my assignments despite the many areas that I believe I could still improve. I also do hope that I could keep on improving and developing myself as a researcher and scholarly writer within the next 4 years.


Best Regards,