IATEFL Conference Abstract – Suggestions please :)

Dear all,

Anyone is planning to attend the next IATEFL Conference in Harrogate? I plan to submit my abstract for this conference.  Could you please give me comments and suggestions for my abstract below. Many thanks 🙂

Title: English-medium Instruction in Indonesia: Policies, Practicalities, and Problems (8)

Abstract: 50-60 words

In 2006, Indonesia, a linguistically diverse and complicated country, started to use English as the medium of Instruction (EMI) in its public schools. However, early 2013, it was forced to halt due to public disapproval. This talk will present the policies behind the introduction and the termination of EMI along with the problems and practicalities during its application. (58)

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  • Hi Mariam,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions 🙂

    When writing the abstract, I was not sure too about the ‘complicated’ term. I will change the ‘started to use’ and delete ‘problems’, as the problems are indeed within the practicalities 🙂

    Many many thanks,

  • Hi Fitri,

    Very interesting topic. It is indeed a challenge to write such a short abstract. Well done! Here are some express comments:
    – I would say: Indonesia, a country characterized by linguistic diversity and complexity (I am not sure we can describe a language as ‘complicated’).
    – To save on words, rather than saying ‘started to use’ you could say ‘introduced’.
    – Hmm.. What do you mean by ‘practicalities’ and ‘problems’? .. for there seem to be a problem in practically implementing these policies. No? In other words, I don’t see the two terms as distinctively separate.

    I wish you all the best and look forward to reading the entire paper 🙂