• Congratulations Sophia. This is wonderful news 馃檪
    .. Yes, it is worth spending time searching for suitable examiners.

  • Richard Fay

    Getting the right examiners is key – and not always easy. Often, the chemistry between internal and external examiner is (still) developing for the first time and doing so in the vicinity of your work and its examination. But, that said, almost all examiners I know work on the basis of the positive, hoping (expecting even) to have a smooth examination and disappointed if things go awry. Sophia, for you Clare chose the examiners very well 馃檪

  • Thank you all for the wonderful support before and after my viva!!!! 馃榾 馃榾
    I am really glad that this is over and that it went really well! Even though this sounds really clich茅, viva can be a really enjoyable experience. At the beginning it was a little stressful but both the examiners were really helpful and supportive, giving me the chance to paraphrase the questions if they felt that I didn’t understand the questions. I really believe that in general it was an enjoyable experience,the examiners are some of the few people that have actually read my thesis, I felt that they shared my passion about my work and we ended up having some very interesting conversations about the subject! 馃榾 So I think the insight that I can give is to choose examiners that you feel that they are coming from a similar background like you and who will understand your work!
    And of course having a great supervisor like Richard who has been so supportive with my project! Actually, most of the corrections that I’ve been asked to do have been pointed by Richard, that I thought that I did them but not in extent as I should have done. So listening to Richard can be another insight! hehe

  • Richard Fay

    Any viva insights Sophia?

  • Tanya Halld贸rsd贸ttir

    Congratulations Sophia 馃檪