Newsletter #6 (2013-14)

It’s now the end of Week 3 of the new semester and everyone new who is coming has now come I think. The semester is underway, researcher development plans have been/are being made, studies have started/resumed, supervisions are filling our diaries, Panel preparations are underway, and, best of all, we have the first successful viva of the year – Sophia Kariotaki sailed through with an Aii earlier this week.Soon, I hope to be moving this blog over onto a university server which will make access easier – we get blocked sometimes – and also give Gary some much needed space on his server. I’m trying to see if I can get a URL like this: …..
why ‘lantern’? I wanted something a bit more user-friendly and memorable and this could stand for LANguage Teacher Education Research Network …. I am also hoping to involve Susan Dawson (as part of her GTRA duties) in maintaining the blog, spring cleaning etc.The Methods Fair passed me by somewhat but I believe Khwan’s poster (soon to adorn our C2 corridor walls?) gained 2nd prize.Looking ahead, Fitri, Khwan, Diana and others will be going to Panel in January and I hope we can all offer our support. Likewise, Susan, Olga and Duygu and others will be going to Panel in June (some way off I know but) …. and again community support will be invaluable.
At the other end of the doctoral journey, we have a race to finish line developing between: Eljee, Tanya, Helen, Lou, Anastasia, Emily and Parneet (and have I missed anyone?). Again, I’m sure we can provide some support as these drafts become submitted theses 🙂
And that’s all for now.

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  • Richard Fay

    The lantern webpage for the blog is now being worked upon. With Mariam’s help, I have finetuned the name implicit in the URL to:

    LANguage Teacher Education Researcher Network

    ie researchER rather than research simply