Article published

Finally! After much to-and-fro with various uncontactable reviewers (so the editor tells me), I finally have a journal article:

Harvey, L. (2013). EAP teachers’ perceptions of learner motivation. International Student Experience Journal 1 (2).

It’s an online journal friendly to postgrads and (of course) international students, and would (normally) have a fairly quick turnaround time, so I’d recommend it for that. The article is based on my MSc Ed Res dissertation, and is a kind of sibling to the book chapter I published earlier this year:

Harvey, L. (2013). Foreign Language Motivation and Social Identity Development. In D. Rivers & S. Houghton (Eds.), Social Identities and Multiple Selves in Foreign Language Learning. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Let’s hope the other two articles I’ve submitted (to different journals) are equally successful!