Reflection on Action: Supporting Others-Developing Selves

Dear All,

Earlier this afternoon (30/10/2012) We (Khwan, Diana, and I) contributed to the MIE PGR Social Network by sharing our experiences and reflections of the first year of our PhD study. It was a really exciting and fruitful session, both for us and (I belief) for the audience and was a really good way to learn from one another. In fact, two of our colleagues in the audience have got their PhD already and this is their 2nd doctorate study, so a lot we could tap from them as well 🙂

Below is the link to the slides that we use to guide our presentation today featuring the pictures taken by our colleague Diana along the course of our 1st year journey.

Best Wishes

First Chapter of Our PhD Odyssey-revised version


  • Zhoumin Huang

    Agree with Duygu. Thanks to Diana, Fitri, Kwhan and Sarah, the session gave us both emotional and academic support!

  • I really enjoyed the PGRSN session. You focused not only on the academic challenges, but also cultural challenges of being a PhD student in the UK. Now I am aware of the fact that I am not alone in facing these challenges. Also, I must say that I admire you for managing your multiple roles (a mum and wife etc.) very well 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us!

  • Many thanks to Fitri, Diana, Sarah and MIE PGRSN for making it happen. Not only that we all could share what we have been through to the new comers, but I personally feel even more belong in this community.

  • My pleasure Susan 🙂 we were very excited to share our experiences with you all. Besides, we also learned a lot from you all too..I am happy you like the analogy 😀

  • Susan Dawson

    Thank you to all three of you for a very helpful session. It was great to hear of your experiences and comforting to know that you made it through despite the ups and downs. I’m very grateful that you were willing to share so much of your different journeys with us.

    I think the chocolate factory analogy will stay with me for a long time!