Abstract Accepted for IATEFL Conference 2014

I am really delighted to share the news that my abstract ‘Indonesian English-medium Instruction: Policy, Controversy, and Practicalities’ has been accepted for IATEFL International Annual Conference 2014 that will take place in Harrogate in April 2014. I would like to thank Richard for his very kind suggestions and also for the LTEiers especially Mariam Attia who has given me very useful feedback on the abstract I posted in this blog sometime ago. Here is the version of the abstract I submitted to the committee.

Abstract: 50-60 words

Against the backdrop of local linguistics complexity, in 2006, Indonesia introduced English-medium Instruction (EMI) in public schools. This policy shift attracted considerable controversy which led to EMI being discontinued in 2013. In this talk, based on my professional reflections and ongoing doctoral research, I will outline the process of English Language Policy Reform and its practical implications for Indonesian ELT. (60)

Btw, is anyone going to IATEFL conference next year? If so, really looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

BW, Fitri




  • Thank you very much Mariam 🙂

  • Well Done, Fitri! Looking forward to hearing about the success of your presentation.

  • Susan Dawson

    Here is my title and abstract. I’ll put these all under the publications tab when Diana has posted hers too. Actually, it might be good to post the full abstracts there rather than the short summaries. Could you email me yours Fitri? Thanks.

    The contribution of Exploratory Practice to Professional Development: Research Findings

    How can teachers take charge of their own professional development and maintain the momentum throughout their teaching lives? This talk looks at how one form of practitioner research, Exploratory Practice, is helping teachers to do that. Using data from a narrative research project I highlight how the principles of EP contribute to the continuing professional development of six EFL practitioners.

  • How exciting! There will be a bunch of us presenting in the conference. Diana Busra’s abstract is also accepted. Mine is on Thursday yeiiyy so I can attend yours on Wed 🙂 Btw, Diana’s is on Thursday too, hope it’s different time from mine.

    Yes, it would be great to see all the abstracts here 🙂

  • Richard Fay

    Can we see all the successful Abstracts here?

  • Susan Dawson

    Hi Fitri,

    Brilliant news Fitri! My abstract was accepted as well, so I’ll see you there. Mine’s on Wednesday. What day is yours?