• I will do it real soon, Richard.

  • Richard Fay

    Khwan, maybe you could tell us a bit more about the CultNet experience?

  • Thank you for sharing! For me I’d like to add some simple jokes (related to the presentation) at the beginning. It creates a friendly atmosphere and I feel more relaxed after hearing some laughters 🙂

  • Thanks for comments, everyone. Nice tip, Duygu, thanks for sharing! Susan, I think you are absolutely right – it takes practice. I think this is why some presentations (written on the plane to the conference) don’t work as well as others…

    Richard, I actually thought that’s why people do gigs. Is there another reason I should be aware of?

  • Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us! In addition to all the points mentioned, doing short deep breathing exercises may help overcome stress for nervous presenters like me 🙂 I generally take a deep breath and breathe it out very slowly before presentations. Also, I try to say positive things to myself, such as “it is just 20 minutes, and you can do it!”

  • Richard Fay

    This makes me think of a good friend of mine who is also a very good and very experienced musician and he playfully twists the common “I’ve got to practise because I’ve got a gig coming up” formulation to suggest that he only arranges gigs when he needs to practise 🙂

  • Susan Dawson

    Nice blog post – I would add: practise, practise and practise again!

    I attended a great workshop run by the university on giving presentations – there was next to nothing about content, but loads about ‘performance’. One analogy that stuck with me was that you would never enter a marathon without having trained or act in a play without having rehearsed, so why think a presentation is any different?