Date for the ‘Bring it back home’ conference

We have a tentative date for our mini in-house conference: Wednesday 25th June.

Just to remind you that the aim of the day is for those of us who have given conference presentations somewhere this year to share them with the rest of the LTE family.

I know that both Richard and Juup have contributions, as well as Khwan, Fitri, Magda and myself. Achilleas might well join us via Skype and Dylan, who is based in Korea, is hoping to be here too.

Is there anyone else who has something to share and is that date OK for people?

It should be a great day – I’m particularly looking forward to meeting some of our more far flung community members.


  • Rafidah Sahar

    Hi everyone,
    Though I am not presenting, I am looking forward to the event. This will be a valuable experience for a beginner like me.

  • The date is good for me too 🙂 And most probably I will share the one I presented in Cambridge last week…

    Looking forward to meeting you all in this exciting event 🙂

  • Susan Dawson

    Glad you’re enjoying Graz, Juup.

  • Juup Stelma

    Hi All,
    Would be very happy to present on June 25th. Am in Graz Austria right now at conference entitled ‘Matters of the Mind: Psychology and Language Learning’. Lou and Achilleas are here as well. Super event. So what I will ‘bring home’ is the talk I presented here earlier this week.

  • Susan Dawson

    OK. So here is how it stands at the moment:

    Wednesday 25th June is the date. I think it would be nice to keep it more in-house. There are quite a lot of other, broader-based conferences on offer. I thought both you and Juup had said you would like to present something. Magda, Fitri, Khwan, myself and possibly Achilleas via Skype. I think Dugyu might have said she would like to present as well – maybe the presentation she will be doing at ICTL. Is there anyone else out there who I have missed out? Dylan I think is coming, but don’t think is presenting. I’ll check this. And then Mariam has said she might join us for the day. How many can present in one day. I would have thought 8 is probably the maximum. A room would be great and if we can get some money from somewhere that would be great too. Who do we ask about that?
    I think it would be nice to ask any MA students who would like to come.
    Anyone got anything else to add?

  • Richard Fay

    So, time for a summary Susan? Who is coming, who is presenting, who is presenting virtually? Will it be widely advertised ? Or rather kept relatively ‘closed’ as in previous years? Other staff-researchers (as opposed to PGRs) involved? Juup? plus? Any PGTs (MAs to be invited (eg those intent on PhD applications?) Do you want me to book a room? Do we want to see if we can wheedle some refreshments finance from anywhere? Anything else?

  • Will be happy to join you for the day (even if there are no more presentation slots).

  • Thank you Susan. The date is good for me too. I’ll confirm the topic/title of my presentation later.

  • Magda Rostron

    That’s great news! The date is perfect for me.

    I’m thinking of presenting an outline of one of my planned thesis chapters.

    Can’t wait to see/meet everyone!

    Magda (still in a far-flung place)