New App to help with referencing and citations

Dear Colleagues

At the Centre for Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick  we have recently launched a new citation app (Mastercite). We really hope this app will be of help not only to our own students, but also to those at other universities as they start to learn and practise to reference correctly. Our aim is that when students complete their initial referencing and plagiarism training in their first weeks of term, Mastercite will provide them with a useful tool to help them put their new skills into practice in the weeks and months ahead. So far we have focused on the referencing standards MLA, APA & Chicago, but there are likely to be more to come, and we do have plans for the Android platform too.

The app store webpage can be found here:

If you are interested in learning more, please do get in touch. We have supplementary materials (PowerPoint slides & posters) that help support Referencing & Plagiarism workshops/training that happen around the beginning of the new academic year and we would be more than happy to share them with interested individuals or departments.

Best wishes

Helen Spencer-Oatey & Daniel Dauber