Cultnet Meeting at Durham University

Recently, I have applied to share my research ideas to the Cultnet meeting at Durham University. The topic I will talk about is:

Mindfulness in Intercultural Communication:

A Visual Narrative Exploration of Postgraduates’ Experiences at a UK University

My research is about ‘mindfulness in intercultural communication at an internationalised university setting in the UK. I use visual narrative to explore students’ understanding of their intercultural communicative experiences and the role of mindfulness in it. Studying at UoM myself, I am part of the phenomenon I want to investigate; there is, therefore, an important reflexive dimension to my study. My own intercultural situation of having Chinese background and Western higher education mirrors the position of my central lens of mindfulness,which also has its roots in Oriental philosophy (, niàn) as well as current Western applications (e.g. psychotherapy). Methodologically, I am interested to explore the potential of visual narrative (such as digital photography, painting, comics and filming) in voicing students’ understandings of their experiences. I also seek to look into the meaning-making process of visual creation in order to learn about the role of mindfulness in intercultural communication.

Cultnet, founded by professor Mike Byram, provides a supportive environment to try out ideas and to discuss challenges and issues related to the cultural dimension of education. For your interests to present in the next Cultnet meeting, please find the detailed information below (if anyone else would like to attend, we can go as a group maybe?):

We are now beginning to plan the Cultnet meeting in the School of Education at Durham University from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th April. Depending on the number of presentations we plan to start Friday morning, perhaps at 10.00 am, and finish early Sunday afternoon.
If you would like to present your research plans or papers (in progress or near completion), teaching ideas/issues, and project proposals/activities on matters intercultural, then please send the title of your presentation and your name to Paul Catteeuw at Please submit your title to Paul by Friday 6th February at the latest so we can finalise the programme.


  • Your research topic is very interesting, Min. 🙂 The use of visual methods is also an area that I want to explore in the future. I would love to listen to your presentation sometime this year…

  • Mariam Attia

    Hi Min,

    Thank you for sharing your abstract here. I think your research will make a contribution to the field, conceptually and methodologically, and CultNet is certainly a good place to share it.
    I look forward to meeting you in Durham in April 🙂

  • Susan Dawson

    I think your topic sounds fascinating Min. I’m also jealous that you’re exploring visual methods. I got quite excited about them when we did the qualitative data course last year and even though I’ve finished my data collection, I’m still looking for ways in which I might be able to get something a little bit visual into the follow-up! If we do another ‘Bring it back home’ conference this year, I really hope you share this so that we can all hear what you have to say. Enjoy CultNet – it sounds like a great conference.

    • Zhuomin Huang

      Thank you, Susan. I am happy to share the ideas at the next ‘Bring it back home’ conference. It would be great if I could also to hear about the progress of your research. 🙂

    • Richard Fay

      Excellent idea – Bringing It Back Home 2015 here we come 🙂

  • Richard Fay

    CultNet is great. I intend to go and my good friend Elena Gomez Parra from Cordoba will be there as well. And Khwan? Miri.