With a Phd and a new job!

It’s been an eventful year to say the least! Not only did I submit my thesis and passed my viva but I also got a new job!

*cue happy dance*

I think this was THE biggest post-PhD fear that I’ve been harbouring for a long time. The “What to do after the PhD?” kind of question. Being an international student on a visa with an end date made the pressure even worse. So to get a permanent position at a UK university was an immense relief.

My new role is “Researcher Development Officer (PGR)” at the Faculty of Humanities. Essentially I’m part of the team that provides the training provision for postgraduate researchers and early career researchers across the whole humanities (e.g. across all five schools). I’m very excited to be in this new role and to see where it takes me.

So, please do keep in touch. I’m only down the road (Crawford House, under the Precinct Library) and online too!