Call for papers: TESOL Convention 2016, deadline June 1st

Next year’s TESOL convention will be held from 5 – 8 April 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and is being hosted by Maryland TESOL. The deadline for proposals is next week, Monday June 1st. Below are details of the theme, and you can get more information from their website and call for participation.

2016 Convention Theme: Beyond Borders

TESOL has changed greatly over its first 50 years. At past conventions, we have explored new ideas, shared our stories, heard every voice, dared to lead, and navigated the new millennium. Last year, the convention theme was Crossing Borders. The 2016 theme, Beyond Borders, goes further. As we cross into our next half century, it is time to reimagine the worlds of TESOL International Association beyond borders as we work together to build future communities. Existing borders separate physical places such as states, countries, and classrooms; they separate academic concepts such as proficiency and grade levels, language skills, methods, and varieties of Englishes; and they separate social constructs such as ethnicity, gender, class, and native and nonnative speakers. What might the future of TESOL be if we examined continuity and continua instead of borders and dichotomies? How would your teaching and research look if you broadened your vision beyond the usual boundaries? You can help the TESOL international community go beyond these traditional borders by sharing your best ideas for our organization and our profession as we embark on our next 50 years together.