Bring it back home 2015

It is now less than a week before the 2015 ‘Bring it back home’ event. Last year, eight of our community (2 staff, 5 current students and one postdoc) presented a conference paper they had given in some location around the world during that year. Achilleas was one of those students, and joined us via Skype.

This year we are going bigger and better! Gary and Lada are helping with the technical side of things and we hope to have around 14 people participating, six of whom (we hope) will be joining us via Adobe Connect from Uruguay, Russia, Uganda, Qatar, Mexico and London. Alongside staff and current PhD students, we have several postdocs joining us, and also two pre-docs! To accommodate so many, we have changed the format slightly and this year, rather than the standard 30 minute time allocation for conference presentations, we are limiting the presentation time to a maximum of 12 minutes. Also, as well as the thesis related presentations, there will be a couple more interactive sessions on the process of doing the PhD and how to make it to the finish line in one piece.

It promises to be a great occasion and I look forward to seeing some reflections here after the event!



  • Richard Fay

    What a day of riches 🙂

    Many thanks to Susan, Lada and Gary for all the organisational, alimentary, and technological support for this day, a celebration of all that is good in our Lantern domain 🙂 🙂

  • Susan Dawson

    Here is the link for the Adobe Connect space:

    You can also download a free app ‘Adobe Connect Mobile’ for iPad and phones for those of us who will be onsite.

  • Lada Smirnova

    Hi all, if you want to test and rehearse your talk in Adobe Connect, just let me know and we’ll do it on Sunday-Tuesday. Magda’s and Khwan’s are already there and mine is nearly there 😉 So, even if yours is not fully baked there is a chance to try.

    • Magda Rostron

      Hi Lada,

      Thanks for your patience testing the Adobe Connect link the other day. It was great chatting to you on the Doha-Moscow line. 🙂

      Looking forward to Wednesday’s conference.


  • Gary Motteram

    It is good to be able to use technologies in this kind of way to bring in our colleagues from other parts of the world. These sorts of practices are pretty common with us around here and have led to such innovations in organisations like IATEFL where they now run regular webinars using Adobe Connect:

  • Richard Fay

    Thank you, Susan, for all your hard work to make this happen 🙂