An Interesting Journal ‘Englishes in Practice’

‘Englishes in Practice’ could be an interesting journal for us working within the area of ELP, EMI, CLIL, Multilingualism, and World Englishes to both look for some references (I have found two useful articles on EMI and ELF for myself) and to find opportunities for publishing our papers (with the rejection rate of 25%, quite a good opportunity) (It does say Open Access on their page-I am not sure if they only accept papers for open access papers; they don’t specifically mention this issue on their Instruction for Authors page, worth asking and trying). A different feature that I found interesting is that this journal has only one article on each volume. I am not sure if it is due to the fact that this is a quite new journal, the nature of its open accessness, or that they want to make it their unique feature (they don’t specifically mention how many papers they typically publish in a volume, I think). I have tried to search for their impact factor, but have not found any. I think because this journal is less than a year of age. Above all, I found the articles in this journal useful and interesting. Hope you find it useful as well. Below is the link to the journal (got this link from RF 🙂 Thank you Richard)


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