• Many congratulations, Khwan! 🙂

  • Susan Dawson

    Congratulations Khwan. I’ve added it to the publications page for you!

  • That’s fantastic news! Congratulations!

    By the way, the Cambridge Open Review Educational Research Journal use an original review process, which supplements traditional peer-review with open review. I was wondering if you could share some insights into how this process worked for you?

    • Sutraphorn Tantiniranat

      Thank you very much Achilleas and sorry for the late reply.

      The process started in August 2014 when I first submitted my manuscript. Then, it was (closed) reviewed by two reviewers before moving onto the open-reviewing phase in March. Below is the message I received from the committee regarding the open-review:

      “Your paper will receive commentary from reviewers from various institutions/universities (we would also like to encourage to you share this opportunity with individuals from your institution if it hasn’t already been advertised!). Please feel free to check in from time to time respond to comments on the open-review site. Once open-reveiewing is complete, you will have some time to integrate the feedback received by open reviewers before your paper is published. You all have done great work! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.”

      However, to be honest, I did not receive any feedback from anyone (except from our Richard), so I am not very sure about the open-reviewing process. I was looking forward to hear what people think about my work as, according to the procedure, “authors are permitted and encouraged to engage in the dialogue with the open-reviewers”, but I guess it was hard to find reviewers since the CORERJ is relatively a new journal.

      I wish the open-review functioned as it was planned to, but there was nothing I can do about it. Anyway, it was a good experience for me as a novice writer (both in terms of writing and boosting my sense of achievement!).


  • Richard Fay

    Congratulations !!!!

    To be added to our growing list of works in the Publications tab?