Call for Papers: TESOL Greece 37th Annual International Convention, “‘Join the Education R-Evolution”

Date: 19th & 20th March 2016
Theme: Join the Education R-Evolution
Venue: Goethe Institut, Omirou 14-16, Athens Greece
Confirmed Plenary Speakers: Misty Adoniou, Carol Read
Call for Papers Deadline: 04/12/2015

Convention Objectives

One of the main roles of a language teacher is to encourage and facilitate communication by providing an atmosphere conductive to accuracy, appropriacy and fluency of self-expression. TESOL Greece would like to create a forum in which all presenters can share inspiration and discuss specific approaches to language teaching. The TESOL Greece Convention presenters are encouraged to consider how to merge   teaching techniques and methods with practices which have “evolved” with the advent of educational  technology and the entire digital world and /or whether these techniques, methods and/or practices could, in fact,  be regarded ‘revolutionary’ in the ELT field.

What topics are encouraged?

TESOL Greece Convention organizers welcome “r-evolutionary” ideas on topics concerning a variety of areas of language teaching,  such as  sourcing course content, catering to learners’ individual needs, increasing learner and teacher motivation, fostering teacher and learner autonomy, creating a supportive learning environment and implementing effective teaching practices.