Congratulations to Achilleas on his new post at the University of Graz, Austria

Achilleas Kostoulas (PhD alumnus) is taking up a post at the University of Graz on 1st October in the ELT Research and Methodology centre. Huge congratulations from all of us in the LANTERN community Achilleas, and we look forward to following your new journey. Do come back and visit us from time to time.

You can read Achilleas’ blog post about his move here.


  • Magda Rostron

    That’s great news, Achilleas! Well done and congratulations!

    Best wishes,

  • Richard Fay

    Congratulations indeed, and well-deserved, Achilleas.

    Inevitably, in this era of league tables and other measures of our quality as a doctoral environment, what happens after the “Dr’ is conferred is taken note of by the various powers-that-be. And this year, we’ve seen Lou, Eljee, Tanya, Paul (Breen), Dimi, Maria (Reraki), and now Achilleas gain significant roles in the HE sector. This good news not just for them but for us also. I hope that our alumni do remain in touch and bring insights from their new roles into our debates. They stand as wonderful examples of what is possible and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say how proud we are of their success in employment terms as well as researchers 🙂