New Book: The Cultural and Intercultural Dimensions of English as a Lingua Franca

9781783095087In this volume edited by Prue Holmes and Fred Dervin, there is a chapter with my long-standing Greek colleagues Nicos Sifakis and Vally Lytra:

“Interculturalities of English as a lingua franca: international communication and multicultural awareness in the Greek context”.

This seeks to bring to ELF teaching a combination of an outward/ international-looking EIL/EIC (English as an International Language/ English for Intercultural Communication) approach and an inward/ intranational MATE (Multicultural Awareness Through English) approach.

It is pleasing to see this latest output from a line of work/thinking that has been preoccupying me since the mid-1990s!!!

More information here and Holmes & Dervin Publicity Flyer