Postgraduate workshop – Researching Multilingually: Possibilities and Complexities, University of London, February 2016

This is a one-day workshop looking at the sorts of questions researchers who are working in more than one language might ask:

  • Am I allowed to include scholarly literature in Turkish?
  • What if I conduct my interviews in Mandarin but have to write all my thesis in English?
  • If I include data in Hindi, how will this affect my word count? How will the thesis be examined?
  • Do I trancribe then translate or the other way round?

At this event, we will draw on the experiences and reflections of researchers involved with our AHRC-funded projects: and to explore the possibilites for and complexities of what we term ‘researching multilingually’, i.e, how researchers draw on their own linguistic resources, and those of others, when undertaking research involving more than one language.

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