Some preliminary thoughts on ‘Bringing it Back Home 2016’

These are some initial thoughts about this year’s BiBH event, and I would love to hear your comments. With the LANTERN Lunchtime Talks running this year, there seems less need to create a space for us all to share academic findings/presentations (if you would like to do a LLT, please let me know!). One of the things that I think many found positive from last year’s BiBH (apart from the number of colleagues who were able to join us from all corners of the globe), were the sessions led by Eljee, and Paul and Magda on mental health and writing. These shared a practical and reflective element and although several of us share our reflections in this blog, I wondered if there might be room for doing something more reflective this year as a community. In part, this thinking is driven by the fact that this is the last year (we hope!) for several of us and it would be good to have a chance to look back over the past 3/4 years and maybe share some of what we have learnt with those who are nearer the beginning of the process, although it would be lovely to have first year reflections too! It would be great if current and ex students could join us via some sort of technology again too.

Remember this is our event, so any comments much appreciated. For distance students/alumni any dates June/July time when you might be in the country would also be good to know.