The next series of LANTERN Lunchtime Talks

We are planning the next series of LANTERN Lunchtime Talks, and while I am still waiting for confirmation of titles, here are the dates and times so that you can put them in your diaries. All talks will take place (we hope!) in C3.30 from 12.00-13.00.

Friday 26th February – Min and Kelly Pickard-Smith on using visual techniques in research

Friday 4th March

“They thought they heard somebody who had risen from their grave”: stories of multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino and intercultural identity 

Leah Davcheva and Richard Fay
In this talk, we will briefly introduce our joint research project into the meanings that often elderly Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria attribute to Ladino, the heritage language of their community which came with their ancestors when they were expelled from Spain in the c15th. Our main focus, however, will be to share some methodological – i.e. multilingual, collaborative, narrative – and conceptual – i.e. new understandings of interculturality – aspects of this ongoing research.

Friday 22nd April – Richard, Fitri and Co. on narrative

We hope to see you all there!


  • Richard Fay

    The session on March 4th is still to be confirmed but I am hopeful this will happen 🙂 Although the immediate topic is on the language called Ladino we’ll be focusing on the methodological aspects – multilingual and narrative (both in the oral history and collaborative researcher varieties) – and conceptual (intercultural performance of identity).

    Both of the sessions on narrative (i.e. 4th March and 22nd April) should really have my name last!!

    Thank you Susan for keeping the momentum going in organising these talks. After the 3rd one, maybe there is space for one before we have whatever fills the Bringing it Back Home (BiBH) slot this year (see Susan’s earlier message and give her your thoughts please).

    • Susan Dawson

      Thanks for clarifying some of the details, Richard.

      There are plans for Fitri, Volha, Nahielly (although I have yet to speak to her, so if you’re reading this Nahielly before I speak to you apologies) and myself to present something on the work we’re doing with the Coalition of Research Schools. That would be May/June time when we actually have something to present! Is there anyone else who would like to share something?

      As Richard has said, it would great to have your thoughts on this year’s BiBH. Send me an email if that’s easier.