Calling all recent graduates who have had an article published in or before 2015: The Ton Vallen Award, 2016

Paul Smith has alerted me to this award which may be of interest to some of our graduates and for future reference for those of us who have not yet finished. 


Ton Vallen Award 2016

Ton Vallen (1946-2011) was Professor of Multilingualism and Education at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and a deeply committed member of Babylon, Center for the Study of the Multicultural Society. He dedicated his life and work to the complex issues of language in education in a society increasingly characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity. In memory of his life and scholarship, the Babylon Center, with the support of Multilingual Matters, honors the scholarly efforts of young postdoctoral researchers in Ton Vallen’s field through the annual Ton Vallen Award.

The Ton Vallen Award intends to provide an incentive to young researchers in this field of inquiry, to publicize and highlight excellence in scholarship in this field, and to stimulate discussion and collaboration among the research community in this field.

The Ton Vallen Award is given to the author(s) of an article on sociolinguistic and educational issues in multicultural societies, published in an academic journal in the year prior to the award.

The Ton Vallen Award comes with a diploma and will be widely publicized through a network of academic communication channels.

The Ton Vallen Award Committee consists of Jan Blommaert (chair), Guus Extra, Sjaak Kroon, Ad Backus, Jeanne Kurvers, Nancy Hornberger and Sirpa Leppänen.


Ton Vallen Award 2016: Submission and eligibility guidelines

  • Authors should have obtained their PhD degree not longer than five years prior to the publication of the article they submit. In case of co-authored articles, all authors of the articles need to satisfy this requirement.
  • The submitted article needs to be published in an international peer-reviewed journal. The language of publication is English. The year of publication is 2015.
  • The topic of the article needs to be clearly within the field of sociolinguistic and educational issues in multicultural societies. Articles need to be based on original research, present and discuss new data, and give evidence of an effort towards theoretical and methodological innovation.
  • The article needs to be submitted electronically, in PDF version, to the Ton Vallen Award Committee via, accompanied by a CV of the candidate and a statement (a) that the information contained in the CV is truthful and (b) that the applicant(s) is (are) the effective author(s) of the article. Fraudulent submissions will be publicized.
  • The deadline of submission is June 1, 2016, 12 noon Western European time. Submissions after that deadline will not be considered.


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