Upcoming LANTERN Lunchtime Talks

LANTERN Lunchtime Talks

Ellen Wilkinson C3.30

Using visual-creative-arts to explore intercultural personhood and maths identities

Zhuomin Huang and Kelly Pickard-Smith

Friday 26th February 12.00-13.00

Zhuomin and Kelly share some of the visual-creative-arts methods they are using in their doctoral research projects, focussing on the kinds of insights these methods might enable and how they allow them to explore the key concepts in their studies.

“They thought they heard somebody who had risen from their grave”: stories of multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino and intercultural identity 

Leah Davcheva and Richard Fay

Friday 4th March 12.00-13.00

In this talk, we will briefly introduce our joint research project into the meanings that often elderly Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria attribute to Ladino, the heritage language of their community which came with their ancestors when they were expelled from Spain in the c15th. Our main focus, however, will be to share some methodological – i.e. multilingual, collaborative, narrative – and conceptual – i.e. new understandings of interculturality – aspects of this ongoing research.



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  • Richard Fay

    Great. Thank you Susan 🙂

    On the 4th, I may be still be manic after the previous night’s Irish meets Jewish gig (the first of the three in the series) ….. 🙂