Congratulations – Chapter published

Although Achilleas announced this final outcome elsewhere in the blog, I decided to make it more prominent via this new posting – it is a noteworthy stage in the publishing process for these three in-context members of our community 🙂

Breen, P. B., De Stefani, M., and Kostoulas, A. (in press 2011). ‘Navigating a pathway to partnership through turbulent seas of adversity.’ in Tripathi, P. and Mukerji, S. (eds.) Cases on Innovations in Educational Marketing. Hershey: IGI Global.

The year of publication is still uncertain, and the book title may change … but this is the best guess of the bibliographic entry.

See the Seas of Diversity thread under Getting published for more information about this chapter.


  • Achilleas Kostoulas

    Thanks Eljee, although I wouldn’t want to take any credit due to Magdalena or Paul 🙂

    With regard to this particular publication, our contract specifies that we are not to “post the contents of the article on any website … without the written permission of IGI Global.” This wording seems to suggest that it is, in fact, possible to obtain permission to upload, or at very least to try and obtain permission. Apparently, if we do get permission, we must use the publishers version, at least according to the RoMEO entry for this publisher.

    On the other hand, prior to submitting, we were ever so gently urged to provide the names of the acquisition librarians for our institutions. It seems to me that this particular publisher’s marketing strategy relies, to some extent at least, to pushing copies of their books (at $360 a piece!) to academic libraries affiliated with the numerous contributors of each edited volume, so I am unsure they would be happy to let us have parts of the book for free.

  • Eljee Javier

    Congrats Achilleas! Great work!

    As far as I understand, you need to check with your publisher if they’d be happy to have a copy of your chapter on eScholar. Usually it’ll be the pre-published draft that’s allowed and not the formatted one.

  • Achilleas Kostoulas

    Thanks Mariam 🙂 I’ve been slowly uploading some of my work into eScholar, but I’ve been keeping it ‘closed access’ for the time being, because I’m not sure how copyright law applies.

  • Mariam Attia

    .. You may want to post the new reference under your names on eScholar, so that more researchers around the world know about it (in addition to publicizing theses, eScholar is also concerned with disseminating students’ published work, so long as it is produced during their study time at Manchester University).

  • Mariam Attia

    That’s great news! Congratulations! Look forward to reading the chapter.

  • Juup Stelma

    Well done!!

  • Richard Fay

    Not before time 🙂

  • Achilleas Kostoulas

    And apparently, Paul, Magdalena and your humble servant are now ’eminent scholars’, at least according to this enthusiastic (?) reviewer.

  • Richard Fay

    Congratulations 🙂

  • Achilleas Kostoulas

    Proofs of the chapter are now ready, so I think it’s safe to refer to it as Breen, De Stefani and Kostoulas (in press)…

  • Congratulations, Paul, Magdalena and Achilleas! I’ll look forward to reading your joint piece.