New issue of Journal of English as a Lingua Franca is now available – future contributions welcome

The new issue (5.1) of the Journal of English as a Lingua Franca is now online – and what is very nice is that not only the front matter but also the first four articles are freely available for reading and download! [I don’t know why this is, and why just this selection, but thought I’d let you know quickly in case this is changed later by the publishers.]

To see this issue, just go to and click “Read Content” under the picture of the journal cover.

(If the journal HP loads in German you can click ‘English’ on the top right).

Apart from research articles, you will also find the interactive section ‘Topic & Comment’ and a plenary of the last ELF conference under ‘JELF Talks’, as well as a number of Book Reviews compiled by JELF Reviews Editor Philip Riley.

As members of the ELF Research Network you are of course especially encouraged to consult the links ‘Overview’ for a short description of the aims and scope of JELF, and ‘Submission of Manuscripts’, and I hope some of you will consider contributing to the journal yourselves!