The next two LANTERN Lunchtime Talks

The first talk is on Friday 29th April 12.00-1.00 and is based on the work Fitri, Nahielly, Volha and I are doing with Andy Howes and the Coalition of Research Schools
Exploring participants’ changing perspectives through the life of an inter-school, collaborative, research and development project.
In this talk we will briefly give the background of the Coalition of Schools Research project, before taking a closer look at the experiences of some of this year’s participants. Our particular focus is on how teachers themselves change with regard to their perspectives on both ‘practice’ and ‘performativity’ throughout a process of enquiry directed at school improvement. We will also reflect on our own roles in the process and how it has contributed to our researcher development.
The second is on Friday 13th May (12.00-100) and will involve Fida, Volha and Fitri talking about various stages of narrative research. Please keep the date and time free and I’ll post the specifics as soon as we have them.