Free one-day workshop before IALIC on Telecollaboration / Virtual Exchange in education

This is not a pre-conference workshop directly sponsored by IALIC , because at least one strand in the conference (on technology) and the theme of the workshop are quite similar, but the UNICollaboration Association has decided to offer the sessions for free the day before the conference as part of their launch campaign. See attached Flyer for more information.
The association recently moved from being an EU network to a full-fledged international association. Also, several of the founding members are members of the IALIC association due to affinity of interests in promoting intercultural communication and have presented work on the initial project in previous conferences.
For those of you who are co-authoring a presentation, please pass this information on to your colleagues if you deem it of interest to them. Slots are limited and each strand (10 to 12 participants) will be closed once the number of participants has reached that limit (in other words, first come, first served). Anyone interested should register online (url provided in the Flyer).