LANTERN Lunchtime Talks


23rd November 2018. Analyzing narrative data with Nahielly Palacios






9th November 2018. Thank you all for coming, we had a great time!



Chat with Dr. Volha Arkhipenka  11th May 2018



Dr. Gary Motteram  4th May 2018 (see video here)


Chat by Lada Smirnova 23.03.18  (see video here ) 


From the Life after PhD series. Dr. Duygu Candarli  09/03/18

Post-PhD reflections: from the writing-up stage to a new research project on digital humanities.








Talk by Susan Dawson 19/01/18  (see video here )

Life after the PhD: from Ellen Wilkinson to the refugee classrooms of Cairo



Talk by Fitri and Khwan 10/11/17   Post_ph_D_Khwan.pptx.



Talk by Ana Mocanu -31/03/17: Inquiring into ‘the intercultural’ of pedagogies in Higher Education


Lunchtime Talk 7 – 28/10/16  

Abduction in the academy: some ways in which students talk about their academic writing

Paul Smith



Lunchtime Talk 6 – 13/5/16

Narrative researcher praxis: Three reflections on developing doctoral practice

Volha Arkhipenka, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) Fitriyah and Rafidah Sahar

Fitri’s slides

Lunchtime Talk 5 

Exploring participants’ changing perspectives through the life of an inter-school, collaborative, research and development project.

Andy Howes, Sue Goldrick, Siti Fitriyah, Nahielly Palacios, Volha Arkhipenka, Susan Dawson

Power Point

Lunchtime Talk 4 – 4/3/16

“They thought they heard somebody who had risen from their grave”: stories of multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino and intercultural identity 

Leah Davcheva and Richard Fay

Lunchtime Talk 3 

Using visual-creative-arts to explore intercultural personhood and maths identities

Zhuomin Huang and Kelly Pickard-Smith

Lunchtime Talk 2 – 11/12/15

Ecologies of Emerging English Language Curricula: Learning from three different contexts

Elisa Pérez-Gracia, Siti Fitriyah and Sutraphorn Tantiniranat

Lunchtime Talk 1 – 20/11/15

Academic identity and religious identity: cognitive dissonance in students’ higher education

Paul Smith and Alex Baratta + Q&A