LANTERN Lunchtime Talks


10th and 24th May. Talks by Choen Yin Chan and Zhuomin Huang











8th March. Guest speaker Oliver Delgaram-Nejad from MMU










8th and 22nd February. Talks by Richard Fay, Jupp Stelma and Nooshin Jahangiri











6th and 14th December2018  by Olga Dolganova, Ivy Taslima and Nestor Singer








23rd November 2018. Analyzing narrative data with Nahielly Palacios







9th November 2018. Thank you all for coming, we had a great time!



Chat with Dr. Volha Arkhipenka  11th May 2018



Dr. Gary Motteram  4th May 2018 (see video here)


Chat by Lada Smirnova 23.03.18  (see video here ) 


From the Life after PhD series. Dr. Duygu Candarli  09/03/18

Post-PhD reflections: from the writing-up stage to a new research project on digital humanities.








Talk by Susan Dawson 19/01/18  (see video here )

Life after the PhD: from Ellen Wilkinson to the refugee classrooms of Cairo



Talk by Fitri and Khwan 10/11/17   Post_ph_D_Khwan.pptx.



Talk by Ana Mocanu -31/03/17: Inquiring into ‘the intercultural’ of pedagogies in Higher Education


Lunchtime Talk 7 – 28/10/16  

Abduction in the academy: some ways in which students talk about their academic writing

Paul Smith



Lunchtime Talk 6 – 13/5/16

Narrative researcher praxis: Three reflections on developing doctoral practice

Volha Arkhipenka, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) Fitriyah and Rafidah Sahar

Fitri’s slides

Lunchtime Talk 5 

Exploring participants’ changing perspectives through the life of an inter-school, collaborative, research and development project.

Andy Howes, Sue Goldrick, Siti Fitriyah, Nahielly Palacios, Volha Arkhipenka, Susan Dawson

Power Point

Lunchtime Talk 4 – 4/3/16

“They thought they heard somebody who had risen from their grave”: stories of multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino and intercultural identity 

Leah Davcheva and Richard Fay

Lunchtime Talk 3 

Using visual-creative-arts to explore intercultural personhood and maths identities

Zhuomin Huang and Kelly Pickard-Smith

Lunchtime Talk 2 – 11/12/15

Ecologies of Emerging English Language Curricula: Learning from three different contexts

Elisa Pérez-Gracia, Siti Fitriyah and Sutraphorn Tantiniranat

Lunchtime Talk 1 – 20/11/15

Academic identity and religious identity: cognitive dissonance in students’ higher education

Paul Smith and Alex Baratta + Q&A