Talks by Current Students, Alumni, Colleagues, and Research Associates


Dates are still being arranged but there will be further talks from current students (Edd), staff (e.g. Richard, Nahielly, Zeynep), alumni (e.g. Eljee, Miri) and visitors (Elena).

Fri 11th Jun,

Fri 4th Jun,

Fri 28th May, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Eva Polymenakou (associate) & Richard Fay … focusing on the developing draft of a jointly-authored article (for which the abstract has been accepted for a Special Issue of the journal Language & Intercultural Communication) which has the working title: “A praxis of ‘synclusion’: Challenging ethnocentric understandings of social integration”.

Fri 21st May, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Roula Kitsiou (research associate), focus to be confirmed.

Fri 14th May, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Miri Firth (alumna), focus to be confirmed.

Fri 7th May, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Edd Aspbury (MA alumnus, current PhD student), focus to be confirmed.

Fri 30th Apr, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Eljee Javier (alumna), focus to be confirmed.

Fri 23rd Apr, 12.00pm (UK summer time, i.e. GMT+1) … Mª Elena Gómez Parra (research associate) from the University of Cordoba, Spain, talking about her experiences of publishing after a doctorate and the choice of languages (Spanish and English).


#17 Fri 17th Apr … Richard Fay, Zhuo Min Huang, and music colleagues

#16 Fri 26th Mar … Nahielly Palacios, Zeynep Onat-Stelma & Richard Fay

#15 Fri 19th Mar … Ivy Taslima (pre-Viva session)

– Fri 12th Mar … Lantern planning meeting (e.g. for book proposal, ‘summer’ event)

#14 – Fri 5th Mar … Caritas Refugee Education research project (Andres Mora, Gary Motteram, Susan Dawson, & Richard Fay)

#13 – Fri 26th Feb … Xian Zhao & Jing Wang

#12 – Fri 19th Feb Natasha Tsantila 

#11 – Fri 12th Feb Fida Sahar

#10 – Fri 5th Feb … Duygu Candarli

#9 – Fri 29th Jan … Huran Mirillo

#8 – Fri 15th Jan … Made (Magdalena) De Stefani


#7 – Fri 18th Dec … Fitri

#6 – Fri 11th Dec … Eva Polymenakou

#5 – Fri 4th Dec  … Ola Dolganova

#4 – Thu 26th Nov … Magda Rostron 

#3 – Fri 20th Nov … Susan Dawson

#2 – Fri 13th Nov … Tinghe Jin

#1 – Fri 6th Nov … ‘Khwan’ Sutraphorn Tantiniranat


If you missed the event you can watch some of the chats and videos presented on the day in the following links: Juup’s chat; Susan’s and Gary’s chat, Bona’s chat, Felix’s Chat Nahielly’s chat, Volha’s video, Eljee’s video and  Khwan’s video.













Lunchtime Talks 21-23

10/05/19 Reflections on fieldwork with UK Chinese families by Choen Yin Chan 24/05/19 Preparing for the viva: Skills and Experience by  Dr. Zhuomin Huang











Lunchtime Talks 20  08/03/19

Guest speaker Oliver Delgaram-Nejad from Manchester Metropolitan University

Linguistic Creativity in Schizophrenia



Lunchtime Talks 18-19 (February 2019)


Critical intentional action, TESOL and Applied Linguistics by Dr. Juup Stelma and Dr. Richard Fay 


Doing Narrative analysis by Dr. Nooshin Jahangiri


Lunchtime Talks 16- 17 (December 2018)

07/12/18  Using Labov’s Framework to Analyse Narratives by Olga Dolganova

14/12/18  Multimodal consumption as means to promote significant learning experiences by Nestor Singer









Lunchtime Talk 15  23/11/2018 

 Analyzing narrative data by Nahielly Palacios










Lunchtime Talk 14   11/05/2018

Jobs after PhD how I found one by Dr. Volha Arkhipenka



Lunchtime Talk 13 04/05/2018

A sociocultural analysis of WhatsApp teacher communities in the global south by Gary Motteram (Click here to watch the video)




Lunchtime Talk 12  23/03/18 

Using a psychological framework to analyse a teaching story by Lada Smirnova (Click here for video) 



Lunchtime Talk 11  09/03/18

Post-PhD reflections: from the writing-up stage to a new research project on digital humanities by Dr. Duygu Candarli










Lunchtime Talk 10 19/01/18 

Life after the PhD: from Ellen Wilkinson to the refugee classrooms of Cairo by Dr. Susan Dawson  (watch video here )



Lunchtime Talk 9 10/11/17 

-The light at the end of the tunnel: My thesis submission and viva experience by Siti M.

-Do you believe in life after PhD? by Khwan T. Click here Post_ph_D_Khwan.pptx




Lunchtime Talk 8  31/03/17

Inquiring into ‘the intercultural’ of pedagogies in Higher Education by

Ana Mocanu 


Lunchtime Talk 7 – 28/10/16  

Abduction in the academy: some ways in which students talk about their academic writing By Dr. Paul Smith



Lunchtime Talk 6 – 13/5/16

Narrative researcher praxis: Three reflections on developing doctoral practice

Volha Arkhipenka, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) Fitriyah and Rafidah Sahar

Fitri’s slides

Lunchtime Talk 5 

Exploring participants’ changing perspectives through the life of an inter-school, collaborative, research and development project.

Andy Howes, Sue Goldrick, Siti Fitriyah, Nahielly Palacios, Volha Arkhipenka, Susan Dawson

Power Point

Lunchtime Talk 4 – 4/3/16

“They thought they heard somebody who had risen from their grave”: stories of multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino and intercultural identity 

Leah Davcheva and Richard Fay

Lunchtime Talk 3 

Using visual-creative-arts to explore intercultural personhood and maths identities

Zhuomin Huang and Kelly Pickard-Smith

Lunchtime Talk 2 – 11/12/15

Ecologies of Emerging English Language Curricula: Learning from three different contexts

Elisa Pérez-Gracia, Siti Fitriyah and Sutraphorn Tantiniranat

Lunchtime Talk 1 – 20/11/15

Academic identity and religious identity: cognitive dissonance in students’ higher education

Paul Smith and Alex Baratta + Q&A