A new book chapter, and a contribution


It’s been a long time coming, but at last a book chapter I wrote the first draft for back in November 2015 has been published. It is about the classroom-based research that I undertook with the learners of EUS9 (English for University Studies, class 9), and was written in collaboration with two of the learners. The chapter is titled:

‘EAP learners explore their language learning lives through Exploratory Practice’, and you can access it here.

It was Mariam Attia who first alerted me to this call, here in the LANTERN blog, so thank you once again to Mariam.



Another book which is also hot off the press, is a book by Judith Hanks entitled Exploratory Practice in Language Teaching: Puzzling over principles and practices. I have two contributions in this book, one alone, and another with Richard.