{Article submission} Critical intercultural supervisory praxis ….

We (i.e. Richard, Jane and Min) submitted an article with this abstract today – let’s see how the review process goes !!


Narrowing the gap between institutional practice and aspiring praxis: Developing critical intercultural supervisory cultures in largely Anglophone UK university contexts

Abstract: As contextualised by doctoral supervision in largely Anglophone Departments of Education in UK universities, this article seeks to identify opportunities in the policy framing of current institutional practices for enacting critical intercultural supervisory praxis. Two strands of thinking inform this praxis, namely: a) the role of language(s) in research and the value of a translingual researcher mindset; and b) the implications for research of epistemic hierarchies and the value of an intercultural researcher ethic for knowledge-work. Both strands demonstrate a move from a more instrumental to a more critical stance regarding research, researcher thinking, and supervision. Their development is illustrative of the complexities involved in developing critical intercultural praxis for doctoral supervision. Further, the codes of practice for research (including doctorates) for most UK universities (including our Departments of Education) are informed by an over-arching, shared, research integrity policy. Although this policy does not explicitly address the above critical aspects of our praxis, we can identify opportunities within it for challenging the role of language in maintaining established epistemic hegemonies. We conclude with recommendations – aimed at all those involved in doctoral supervision – to facilitate a critical intercultural supervisory culture.

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