{New Book} Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy From Theory to Practice

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Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy from Theory to Practice

Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy

From Theory to Practice

Author: Zsuzsanna I. Abrams, University of California, Santa Cruz
PUBLISHED: August 2020

‘This is an excellent and comprehensive read on the topic of intercultural communication, with very useful teaching materials attached to each chapter. The book is every (academic) language teacher’s dream come true!’
– Anna Turula, Pedagogical University, Krako

Learning a new language offers a unique opportunity to discover other cultures as well as one’s own. This discovery process is essential for developing 21st-century intercultural communication skills. To help prepare language teachers for their role as guides during this process, this book uses interdisciplinary research from social sciences and applied linguistics on intercultural communication for designing teaching activities that are readily implemented in the language classroom. Diverse language examples are used throughout the book to illustrate theoretical concepts, making them accessible to language teachers at all skill levels. The chapters introduce various perspectives on culture, intercultural communicative competence, analyzing authentic language data, teaching foreign/second languages with an intercultural communication orientation, the intercultural journey, the language-culture-identity connection, as well as resolving miscommunication and cultural conflict. While the immediate audience of this book is language teachers, the ultimate beneficiaries are language learners interested in undertaking the intercultural journey.

  • Connects research in the social sciences and foreign/second language pedagogy, presenting an interdisciplinary approach to teaching intercultural communicative competence
  • Introduces the theory clearly and understandably, using examples from numerous languages to illustrate key concepts in intercultural communication
  • Provides practical teaching activities on key aspects of intercultural communication that are readily implementable in the classroom, connecting theoretical concepts explicitly to practice