{Seminar} Intercultural Musicking

15 April 4.30-6.00pm (UK time)
Intercultural Musicking: Ensemble Performance, (Inter)Cultural Encounters, and
Personal/Professional Transformations

This session features members of our Intercultural Musicking core research area. Professor Caroline Bithell, Dr Robert Szymanek, Dr Richard Fay and Dan Mawson will offer short, complementary research papers exploring intercultural music-making, followed by invited responses and discussion. The department’s gamelan and klezmer ensembles (led by Robert and Dan/Richard) serve as living laboratories for exploring the dynamics of encountering new cultural as well as musical worlds through learning to perform in ensembles playing in unfamiliar styles and/or on ‘new’ instruments. These have their counterpart in the transnational Georgian-singing communities that are the focus of Caroline’s research. The research forum will be preceded by a show-and-tell session (2:00–4:00pm) offering insights into the practices of the ensembles, with contributions from participating students. You are welcome to attend either or both of these sessions!
Led by Caroline Bithell

UoM Music Research Fora Semester 2 final