RAW: 28th February 2011 — Ladino Paper

At the RAW meeting of 28th February 2011, Richard (and Leah in absentia) presented a first draft of a research methology paper to RAW colleagues. The working title was:

“The use of researcher narratives in the multilingual study of the Ladino stories of Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria”


  • Richard Fay

    The above insight – re the use of researcher narratives to develop reciprocal reflexivity in our multilingual, collaborative narrative research into Ladino – forms part of the ‘innovative methodology’ we are highlighting (to meet the prioritiy focal concerns in the Call for Papers) in the following upcoming conference paper (now accepted):

    Davcheva, R. and Fay, R. (2011). “Linguistic Identity-Play Amongst Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria: A Narrative Study”. Paper (to be) presented at the Language, Identity, and Intercultural Communication joint conference of the British Association for Applied Linguistics Intercultural Communication Special Interest Group and The Annual Bloomsbury Round Table, 9th -10th June, 2011, Birkbeck College, University of London).

    Click here for the conference Abstract.

  • Richard Fay

    What became very clear during the session was that the ‘idea’ in this paper was really about the use of researcher narratives within collaborative research (undertaken multilingually) in order to develop what might be called reciprocal reflexivity. The revised working title is now as follows:

    “Using researcher narratives to develop reflexive mutuality in collaborative research”

    We hope to bring a v2 of this paper to a later RAW, probably in early autumn once the research study itself has developed further. Again, as so often before, the RAW session helped us to identify the key ‘idea’ and come to understand how we might better articulate it …..