SEED Conference Experience

Presenting in SEED conference was my very first ever experience presenting in a conference during my PhD journey. I presented my plan for my PhD research which was still rough and unpolished. It was like my first idea of what I wanted to do in main research. In my presentation, nobody asked me or gave me any suggestions about my research method. Probably they were more interested in the educational system in my country which was ‘very different’ from that of in their country. I even heard somebody said “I am happy now with my educational system” 😀 . However, those questions from the audience to a certain extent helped me think more about how to narrow down my topic and gave me a lot of ‘what ifs’. It was indeed very useful. What I portrayed in my presentation was mainly about current educational policy change in my country occurring due to a class action filed by a teacher union and supported by the society fighting against injustice in the previous system.

Another thing that occurred during the conference was that I put the older version of my slides in my pen-drive, “the show must go on” and I had to improvise in my presentation  😀 . This also reminds me to be more careful in the future presentations, I will always tell myself “Do save the correct version of your slides” 😀

My full slides can be found here. Siti Fitriyah -SEED Conference-ISS-complete version


  • I was there and have to say that I admire Fitri’ courage and improvisation skills 🙂 Thank you for being our representative. I’m sure that we can just be better and better.

  • Ow, I could feel him…it was indeed really painful to try to weave my ideas when the slide was not so neat……trying to show pictures that were not there..:(…..yes lucky, it was more internal and low the feeling was not that tense..and I could still improvise and finish telling my ‘story’ 🙂

  • Richard Fay

    Many thanks Fitri. Yes, having failed to bring the correct ppt file once, you won’t do it again!! It’s good to have this learning experience in a relatively low-risk ‘internal’ environment. Last month, I went to a much more public event when a senior academic did exactly the same, and it was painful watching him trying to create a coherent paper with the wrong slides. Watching this car-crash of a presentation performance completely distracted me from the interesting things I believe he had planned to say.