Green, blue or turquoise? : Interdisciplinary Symposium 2014 presentation

I gave a presentation at the Interdisciplinary Symposium here at the Manchester Institute of Education on January 31st, 2014.

In my presentation titled “The challenges and possibilities of investigating English language teaching from an intercultural perspective,” I started off by briefly introducing myself and my topic before moving on to talk about the possibilities and challenges I have found from developing a proposal for my on-going PhD study which adopts an interdisciplinary approach.

The main feature of my presentation, I think, was the use of the theme of “the creation of new color” to demonstrate how my research can be characterized as an interdisciplinary study. I developed the theme from what my supervisor had told me that there is no distinction between the colors of blue and green in Welsh. I thought that interdisciplinary researchers do not only see the distinction between these two colors but we are also creating a new color which can be beautiful (turquoise).

I also used a picture of me wearing blue and green sweater standing in front of panels of different colors (esp. green, turquoise and blue!) to go with the analogy. (The picture was taken six years ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York but some friends thought that I went to take the picture after I had got the idea!)

I enjoyed my first oral presentation at a conference a lot and received some positive feedback from my audience and friends. Thank you all for your support and here’s the link to my PowerPoint presentation.  Interdisciplinary_Sutraphorn_Tantiniranat