Upcoming LANTERN Lunchtime Talks

We now have the details of the next two LLTs. We look forward to seeing you there.Note the different room for the second talk.

Friday 29th April, 12.00-13.00, Ellen Wilkinson C3.30

Exploring participants’ changing perspectives through the life of an inter-school, collaborative, research and development project.

Andy Howes, Sue Goldrick, Volha Arkhipenka, Nahielly Palacios, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) Fitriyah, and Susan Dawson

In this talk we will briefly give the background of the Coalition of Schools Research project, before taking a closer look at the experiences of some of this year’s participants. Our particular focus is on how teachers themselves change with regard to their perspectives on both ‘practice’ and ‘performativity’ throughout a process of enquiry directed at school improvement. We will also reflect on our own roles in the process and how it has contributed to our researcher development.

 Friday 13th May, 12.00-13.00, Ellen Wilkinson C2.32

Narrative researcher praxis: Three reflections on developing doctoral practice
Volha Arkhipenka, Siti Masrifatul (‘Fitri’) Fitriyah, and Rafidah Sahar

Over the last decade, the LANTERN doctoral and wider researcher community has had a strong interest in narrative research and what can be learned about the ways in which individuals – e.g. language learners, post-graduate students in internationalised study settings, doctoral researchers, teacher trainees, experienced language teachers, distance learning specialists, street-connected young people, women experiencing cancer – narratively make sense of their experiences. In this session, three of our current doctoral community reflect on their experience of undertaking narratively-framed research. Fitri will focus on some of the planning aspects of her narrative study (of Indonesian teachers’ experiences of language policy reversal), Fida will report on her fieldwork experiences of narrative research into the the experiences of doctoral study and supervision in an internationalised university context in Malaysia, and Volha will explore some of the complexities of analysing the narratives of MA TESOL students.