Latest volume of English Language Teacher Education & Development (ELTED) Journal now published

This is an open access journal available here and contains the following articles:

Reflexive themes in context: a case study in Japan – Hugh Scott Smith & Alexey Kukharuk
Task-based learning in language teacher education – Bill Littlewood
Why practice makes perfect sense: the past, the present and potential future of the PPP paradigm in language teacher education – Jason Anderson
Special educational needs in English language teaching: towards a framework for continuing professional development – Robert J. Lowe
A survey of teacher-generated reading comprehension questions: the case of a district-wide training course in Beijing – Jingli Jiang & Gerard Sharpling
Using awareness raising activities on initial teacher training courses to tackle ‘native speakerism’ – Marek Kiczkowiak, Daniel Baines & Karin Krummenacher