Summer school on Interculturality (Helsinki, August 2018)

Interculturality in a New Global World: China’s One Belt, One Road as an Example University of Helsinki, Finland Dates: 7.8.-23.8.2018 Target students Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Students who have an interest in intercultural studies, intercultural / multicultural education and social justice, but also sociology and anthropology. No background in intercultural studies or Chinese language needed. Synopsis The world is […]

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BALEAP PIM – Intercultural Communication and EAP

    Nottingham Trent University is looking forward to welcoming you to a PIM on Intercultural Communication 18th November 2017 £100 This PIM is jointly held with the BAAL Intercultural Communication SIG. In today’s globalised, yet increasingly polarised world, communication skills, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity and open-mindedness towards others would seem to be more important than ever. The task of […]

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Congratulations to Khwan and Richard!

A paper Khwan and Richard are co-writing has been accepted for a conference in Thailand in 2018. Digital Literacy in English Language Learning and Teaching is the 2018 conference theme. Tantiniranat, S. and Fay, R. Teaching English for intercultural communication in Thai higher education: some challenges and possibilities. A paper to be presented at the 38th Thailand TESOL International Conference […]

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Distribution of call for papers for IJCALLT

This is an invitation to submit a paper to the special issue on: Flipped Learning in Foreign Language Environment, edited by Dr. Adrian Leis and Dr. Jeffery Mehring of the International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT) Introduction Flipped learning has received much attention and has proven to be a successful approach to teaching over a wide range of subjects […]

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Explore the world of language with our interactive exhibition and workshops

Language is all around us. We use it every day to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions, to communicate with other people, to convince them of our views, make them feel better or worse, manipulate them or even insult them. Language is a powerful tool which helps us perform our actions. There are more than 6,000 different languages spoken in […]

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TRANSNATIONAL EDUCATION EXPORTS AND IMPORTS THE SEARCH FOR THE CHINESE EL DORADO Eds. Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki), Xiangyun Du (Aalborg University) & Zhao Ke (SHUFE) Deadline for abstracts: 20th November 2017 Volume to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in the Palgrave Studies on Chinese Education in a Global Perspective (Eds. Dervin/Du) It has become a truism to say that […]

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Online seminar: Criticality, interculturality and study abroad

One-day seminar, Turku, Finland Meeting date: Tuesday 29th August 2017 Place: University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, ICT City, street address: Joukahaisenkatu 3A  Title of seminar: Criticality, interculturality and study abroad You can follow and take part in the event online at:   Objectives:  This WP5 meeting will take place just before the international conference Criticality in Education (Research): Definitions, […]

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IATEFL Research SIG online discussion, Friday 14th 1pm BST

This is an online discussion around three recently published books (Volha and I both have chapters in one of them). It is being  hosted by Mark Wyatt in IATEFL’s Adobe Connect Room and the three books to be discussed are:   Kenan Dikilitaş on his recent book with Carol Griffiths on developing language teacher autonomy through action research. Sian Etherington […]

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Thank you very much to Min and Nahielly for organising today’s event for our LANTERN community. I not only thoroughly enjoyed myself making piñatas, drawing batik patterns, and responding to different images, but was also encouraged through Min’s mountain activity, and given much food for thought in the other presentations. Khwan spoke of how important our LANTERN community has been for her, and I think many of […]

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